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So this is a free-use website template. If you are seeing this, you downloaded the zip file, which has an assortment of icons, the top image, the css and the index page. Please do not remove any of the credit information, since I coded this by hand and it's a very little line in the code with a link back to me.

If you want to change the colors/image/anything that isn't the straight text, open up the css and do it there. Do not try to edit the looks of the site from this page! When you upload this site, make sure your rename "flower10index.html" to "index.html" so your webhost will automatically default to the page.

To change the top image, just make a new picture the same size and either name it the same, or change the name in the css. To change the links across the top, just make new pages using this one as a base and rename them something else, like "Links" or "Home" etc. and edit the code on each page to link to the right one. If you have questions, please email me here.


Site designed and coded by DeadRook Studios

You should put disclaimer-type things here. Like the fact that none of the original images used to create the graphics are mine and so on.

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